All models of Volk Racing wheels are created to be lightweight wheels and the RAYS Volk Racing CE28N is the lightest of all the wheels they have created. It features a five hole and four hole style that is built primarily on reducing as much weight of the wheel as possible. Through many years of development and advances in technology, the RAYS Volk Racing CE28N continues to be the main standard of wheels that are extremely lightweight. The RAYS VOLK RACING CE28N are forged single piece aluminum wheels and these are primarily made from some of the finest, high-quality aircraft grade, 6061 aluminum; and with that, the CE28N wheels are created via the method called hot forging. Here, a solid and single part of an aluminum billet is thoroughly heated before shaping this and applying a compressive force that comes from a strong press.



The forged wheels from Rays are created by utilizing the design mold form forging technology and the process involves a specific type of mold that is specifically for each type of wheel; the molds with different shapes are for each process. Forging is a process of molding metal and involves applying adequate pressure to the material. During the process, while fibers of the metal are being miniaturized, the quantity of its inner tissue grows as the fiber aligns in a clear and single direction. This is the primary reason why forged wheels are much stronger and lightweight compared to the typical cast wheels that are available; and also, lesser materials can be used to acquire additional strength which is exhibited on the Volk Racing CE28N. Cheaply made wheels are considered gravity cast, and during this method, microscopic bubbles are created during casting which weakens the structure over the first and original material. RAYS Engineering was established in the year 1973 and has since been known as the premier manufacturer of top quality wheels for street and motorsports use. By following their main goal of committing to the promotion of the culture of motor sports, RAYS continues to produce outstanding wheels with modern and up-to-date designs with the highest technology. The company also strives to stay ahead of the manufacturing competition by creating a strong relationship with top tuning and racing teams all over the world.

Features of the Volk Racing CE28N

The Volk CE28N comes in both the eight and ten-spoke types depending on the size of wheels that the customer chooses. For those who choose the ten spoke design, these come in much larger sizes.

JWL+R Spec 2

It is said that the JWL standards that are adhered to are the minimum strength standards that every wheel producers should meet; Rays manages their own in-house strength tests since these better reflect the actual conditions of driving. The company also requires that all of their produced wheels meet their own JWL+R standards while all of their forged wheels should meet the more strict and rigorous JWL+R Spec 2 standards.

Colors and Sizes

The available colors for the CE28N are Formula Silver and Bronze while their available sizes range from fourteen to eighteen inches.


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