RAYS Volk Racing CE28SL

RAYS VOLK RACING CE28SL is a forged, single-piece wheel that features a reversed rim; the CE28N’s lightweight aspect has been incorporated into Rays’ SL model which involves the company’s technical analysis with a brand new approach. Just like the SL model of the TE37, the mass found around the central cap has been removed to recreate the center circle.

RAYS Volk Racing CE28SL for Sale

The Rays Volk Racing CE28SL

Rays Co., Ltd. is one of the top wheel manufacturers in Japan and aside from wheels, they also offer other products such as parts & gear which includes air valves, center caps, bolts & nuts, spacers, hub rings, maintenance products, plus they also offer wheel repairing services; Rays also presents their products through numerous authorized dealers all over the world. This is a company that was founded in the year 1973 in Osaka while their sales offices are located in Sendai, Sapporo, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Tokyo, Fukuoka, and of course, Osaka. For its distribution centers, these can be found in Hamamatsu and Nishinomiya.


The style of the CE28SL Volk Racing displays an increase in lip size, optimum caliper clearance, as well as a wide mix of face outline to perfectly match the desired application. The affixed center cap was removed to provide a lighter weight wheel; with this, its center circle has also acquired an overhanging design to furnish the lost weight without sacrificing any of the wheel’s rigidity. Moreover, the VOLK RACING CE28SL also features a red spoke sticker which is the identity or trademark of the SL model; and for the CE28SL, two spoke stickers were prepared for it.

Pattern and Technology

Rays enforced a familiar ten-spoke design on their CE28 Super Lap with additional key elements and these include the following: redesigned spokes to achieve more rigidity with less weight, a machined center to reduce the wheel’s weight, and also knurled barrels to achieve adequate tire grip and to lessen chances of slipping.

The wheels from Rays such as the CE28 are made differently compared to the usual method of producing wheels. The company’s forged wheels are created by utilizing a design mold-form technology that includes the use of a special mold dedicated for each wheel type. A differently shaped mold is also utilized for each process.

Colors and Sizes

For the color of the VOLK RACING CE28SL, there is only one shade available which is the Pressed Graphite; yet despite having just a single shade, the wheel is available sizes that range from seventeen to eighteen inches.

JWL+R Spec 2 Safety Standards

The wheel meets the JWL+R Spec 2 standards that are specific for forged wheels. Rays conducts its own strength tests that adequately reflects regular driving conditions since the company ensures that all of their wheels should meet its own standards – the JWL+R. When it comes to their forged wheels, these should also meet their more rigorous standards which would be the JWL+R SPEC 2. Safety is one of the absolute yet minimum requirements that the company must meet at all times, and the primary mission of Rays is to make sure that all drivers utilizing their wheels are always safe.


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