RAYS Volk Racing G-16

The latest Volk Racing G-16 model from RAYS’ G series can easily be characterized by the numerous mesh-design wheels that are available.

RAYS Volk Racing G-16 for Sale

RAYS Engineering Co. Ltd.

RAYS Engineering Co. Ltd. – known as a part of RAYS Co. Ltd. – is a high-end wheel manufacturer in Japan for street and motorsport use; also, they are mostly known for producing the Volk Flagship wheel brand. It has always been a usual misconception that the brand Volk Racing is RAYS Engineering’s parent company, mainly since it is most associated with the brand. Their wheels display high-tech forging methods that are specific to RAYS Engineering.

RAYS Volk Racing G-16 Wheels

The design of the wheel is made up of non-stress lines that are utilized for production of racing wheels to create a silhouette. The actual skill to diffuse and receive input from the road that is maximized by increased stress and a strong grip is considered as the deciding element in producing a wheel design. The RAYS Volk Racing G-16 features soft lines that appear hand-drawn and are linked in a skillfully curved manner; this is to capture the attention of everyone with the wheel’s sheer elegance which is on par with that of designer wheels. The mix of eight intersection cross-spoke design and the lines greatly distributes stress, enhances driving stability, and promotes better turning abilities; so with that, the wheel delivers a smooth and sharp handling response for the driver. Better offset settings only means that the cross-section shape results in an excellent arch, as well as 3D designs that somewhat alters the appearance depending on the angle. Although outfitting the vehicle using RAYS Volk Racing G-16 won’t boost the power of the vehicle, it still increases the racing feel to anyone’s driving experience.

RAYS Prominent Design Mold-Forging

RAYS’ Design Mold-Forging process forges the wheel into an ideal shape; the forging process provides more rigidity and strength as originally styled by producing enough fiber to flow seamlessly throughout the wheel. RAYS’ forged wheels are created using the design mold-form process which involves the utilization of a specialized mold for each wheel; also, there are differently shaped molds for each of the necessary processes.


RAYS Engineering has adopted the REFAB – a patented-surface processing method that has been newly developed by the company. Also, because of its brilliance, the RAYS Volk Racing G-16 cannot just be maintained using a regular clear finish which is why the company has adopted their own solution. REFAB was created since it offers a sense of class and high-quality which displays the strength, efficiency, and performance of the Volk Racing G-16.


The JWL Standards are considered as the minimum strength standards that all wheel manufacturers are required to meet. So to achieve this, RAYS conducts their own strength test that better displays the actual driving conditions; the company also requires that all of their wheels undergo and pass their in-house JWL+R standards while the JWL+R SPEC-2 is for all of RAYS’ forged wheels. Additionally, safety is one of the minimum requirements that the company should meet, no matter how much they aim for excellent performance.

RAYS Volk Racing G-16 Colors and Size

The available size for RAYS Volk Racing G-16 is 20 inches and its colors include Side Dark Gunmetal and Brightening Metal Dark.


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