RAYS Volk Racing G27PM

RAYS provides you with a technologically and highly improved design of the G27. It is a limited edition model that comes in a stunning Pressed Ash Grey finish.

RAYS Volk Racing G27PM for Sale

About RAYS

RAYS is a company that had been connected with some of the world’s top motor races like the GT1 and F1 World Championships, as well as all other categories of car races that go beyond a competitive level. The Volk Racing wheels have been utilized on numerous racing vehicles all over the world and their wheels continue to hold the reputation of having some of the best, most durable, yet lightweight wheels on the market. By taking all of their racing experiences and combining it with numerous styles and even sizes, the Volk Racing wheels that are usually seen on high-performing race cars can find their way and also be seen on every consumer’s regular vehicles.

RAYS Volk Racing G27 PM LTD Wheels

The RAYS G27 PM LTD is the progressive model of the RAYS G27 and it is a more refined wheel that features a cool, sporty design. Its top face has a diamond cut for a sharper display, while the concave design is utilized since the wheel does not include a center cap. The 7-intersection cross-spoke design is both visually appealing and universal; also, the very fine six millimeter spokes exhibit delicate lines with matching volumes right at the intersection. The source of the RAYS Volk Racing G27 PM LTD’s beauty is the tension of its 3D surface which achieves magnificent harmony. While the prime colors have been harmonized with a black base, the limited edition for 2018 features a gray base and diamond cut to provide a sharper edge that is fashioned with a beautiful matte clear finish. The provided finish was achieved only after going through numerous trials; this was done to properly synchronize the shade difference between its top surface and the painted surface. This resulted in a shade that would appeal to those with a more sleek, classic, and somewhat sophisticated taste.

Forging Process

Among all the Volk Racing wheel series, RAYS’ forging process has been utilized to create elegance together with a sporty appearance for impeccable effectiveness and gentle drives to aggressively exciting sports runs. The design-mold forging method establishes and forges the wheel into an ideal shape; the forging process also provides adequate rigidity and strength, further improving the original design by producing a fiber flow that seamlessly spreads throughout the wheel. RAYS’ forged wheels are all created using the design mold-form forging technique which involves the utilization of a specific mold for each type of wheel; there is also a differently-shaped mold for each method. The use of advanced technology is required since the forging method is both time-consuming and labor-intensive; despite this, the company still believes that this process is the only forging method that can fully take advantage of the full potential of forging.

RAYS’ Standards

All wheel manufacturers are required to adhere to and meet the minimum strength JWL standards in Japan; with that, RAYS’ created their own special strength test that better displays the actual driving environment. The company requires that all their wheels are able to meet and pass their in-house JWL+R standards while all their forged wheels should meet the requirements of their JWL+R SPEC-2 standards. Safety will always be the ultimate minimum requirement that RAYS should meet no matter how much they aim for high quality and performance since their primary mission is to ensure the safety of all the consumers who utilize their wheels.

RAYS Volk Racing G27 PM LTD – Colors and Sizes

The RAYS Volk Racing G27 PM LTD comes in different sizes: specifically 18, 19, and 20 inches while the color available is the Limited Pressed Ash Gray.

Additional Rim Sticker

The wheel also includes a rim sticker which is the logo sticker for the G27 PM model. The sticker has been added to the wheel’s spokes. Additionally, it also features the same matte finish as the G27 PM.


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