RAYS Volk Racing TE-37-SB Tourer

The RAYS Volk Racing TE37-SB Tourer is another set of wheels from RAYS that has become a customer favorite for its efficiency and durability.

RAYS Volk Racing TE-37SB Tourer for Sale

RAYS Wheels

RAYS has been in some of the top-notch motor races in the world such as the GT1 and F1 World Championships. The company has also involved itself in different categories of car races that go beyond a competitive level. RAYS does not only participate in top-notch car racing, but they also get involved in grass-root competitions like mini car races; RAYS provides quality wheels for racing vehicles to the drivers who participate in such events.

The RAYS Volk Racing TE-37-SB Tourer Wheels

There is some pressure for the standard 1-Box car’s wheels to actually pass the required JWL-T standards since these are much heavier compared to the wheels of regular cars. This is the reason why lightweight wheels are required but without sacrificing its strength and durability; so with the development seen on the RAYS Volk Racing TE-37-SB Tourer, the wheel’s inner rims feature increased strength which highly exceeds the JWL-T standards with both rigidity and strength.

There are a lot of wheel designs that feature much longer spokes to make the wheels look bigger, but the RAYS Volk Racing TE-37-SB Tourer focuses on a stronger and more lightweight design hence, the use of a short spoke design which is also necessary to emphasize the wheel’s aggressive racing style.

Machined Logos on the Wheel’s Spoke

To also ensure consumers that RAYS provides high performing forged wheels, the Volk Racing logo is machined right on the TE37SB’s spoke while “made in Japan” is machined on the wheel’s rim. Additionally, the double-black pressed color is applied to the RAYS Volk Racing TE-37-SB Tourer and its diamond-cut rim complements the black finish that brings out the rim’s beauty. There is also a red logo sticker that can be found beneath the air valve and its color, as well as the design perfectly suits the image of the ultimate street sports wheels.

RAYS’ Mold-Form Forging Mechanics

The forged wheels from RAYS are all made using a specific design mold form forging mechanism that involves the utilization of a special mold for each wheel; there is also a uniquely-shaped mold for each of the processes. Since the use of advanced technology is required, the method is both time-consuming and labor-intensive but the company believes that this is the only forging process that takes advantage of the potential of forging.

RAYS’ In-House Standards

In Japan, all the wheel manufacturers should meet the JWL standards which are considered as the necessary minimum strength standards. However, RAYS conduct their own strength tests that further display the actual conditions of driving for every consumer. The company requires that all of their wheels meet the JWL + R standards while all of the forged wheels should meet the more rigorous and strict standards of the JWL + R SPEC-2. Safety is also a great minimum requirement that the company should meet since the primary mission of RAYS is to guarantee the safety of all consumers using their wheels.

RAYS Volk Racing TE-37-SB Tourer Size and Colors

The TE-37SB Tourer comes in two sizes, 17 and 18 inches, while the available color is white.


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