RAYS Volk Racing TE37SAGA

The TE37SAGA has become one of the most favored six-spoke wheels in the motor and street sports industry. The company has done numerous variations and changes to the wheels and has also updated the sizing and figments of these; yet despite these changes, the TE37SAGA has maintained its similarity to the earlier models of RAYS.

Innovation has continued to be the strongest point of RAYS throughout the years, most especially with the release of the company’s latest TE37 model which is the TE37SAGA. The wheel exhibits a new life and excellence to the traditional TE37 model since the company has integrated an anti-tire slip knurling along its bead area; this was done to prevent the tires from coming unseated. Another feature of the TE37SAGA is that there are logos machined right on the wheel’s outer edge; however, one of the most vital updates to the wheel is the pocketing or mass reduction to its back portion. This allows the TE37SAGA to take additional mass right out of the spokes, lightening up the performance of the wheel; additionally, the improved cornering aerodynamic, electronic devices, and the bottom speed has greatly increased.

RAYS Volk Racing TE37SAGA for Sale


Rays Co., Ltd. is a popular Japanese wheel manufacturer specifically for street and motorsports. The company is mostly known for creating the Volk Racing flagship series of wheels, and their products are thoroughly completed via two different methods: the casting and forging processes. After each of their wheels has been manufactured, these go through strenuous and complex inspections before the company allows their products to be packaged and shipped out for customers to use. Rays has been participating in the world’s highest level and biggest motor races like the GT1 and F1 World Championships, as well as other categories of car racing that has surpassed the competitive level. The company also does not limit its operations to Japan since Rays has already taken part in numerous car races in Europe and in the United States.

TE37SAGA Design

The VOLK RACING TE37SAGA from RAYS features an anti-slip tire function and an improved inner barrel design for larger caliper clearance. Its outer barrel / lip design is also improved to increase the strength and durability of the wheel. Its design is also more concave compared to the previous models from the TE37 line.

Colors and Sizes

The Volk Racing TE37SAGA is featured in two colors which are the Diamond Dark Gunmetal and Bronze shades; as for its size, it is only available in eighteen inches but included with the wheel is the TE37SAGA center cap (optional) and the European Aluminum Air Valve.


RAYS Volk Racing TE37SAGA makes use of an in-house safety standard which is known as the JWL+R Spec 2. The company conducts their own strength tests to better reflect and display the actual driving conditions; plus, RAYS also requires that all of their wheels meet the JWL+R standards to be able to meet the more rigorous standards of the JWL+R Spec 2. Safety is one of the absolute requirements that the company ensures to achieve excellent performance.


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