Rays’ VOLK RACING TE37SB is a forged wheel that features a reversed rim and adequate strength while being lightweight. The development of Rays TE37SB strengthens the wheel’s inner rim to exceed the standards of the JWL-T when it comes to rigor and strength. Basically, the company was able to create a 17×6.5J wheel that has a weight of only 7.5 kilograms while simultaneously meeting the JWL-T and the JWL standards.

The JWL standard or the Japan Light Alloy Wheel is a collection of requirements for alloy wheels that have been set by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation, and Tourism in Japan; all of these must be met before anyone can utilize the wheels on the road. When all of the requirements are met, the JWL mark is either forged or cast into the wheel to indicate that the product has been certified by the manufacturer to meet these standards. Additionally, the VIA or Vehicle Inspection Association of Japan independently tests these wheels for the JWL-T or the JWL compliance and all the wheels that have been tested and passed will be marked.

Rays VOLK RACING TE37SB for Sale


The VOLK RACING TE37SB features a short spoke design which is necessary to emphasize the wheel’s racy style. There are tons of different designs that feature much longer spokes and these are integrated to achieve a larger looking wheel; however, a strong and lightweight wheel was the key focus for the product and the short spokes achieved these elements. To show that the Rays VOLK RACING TE37SB is a forged and high performing wheel, the VOLK RACING logo is machined right on the wheel’s spoke while “MADE IN JAPAN” is machined on its rim.

Mold-Form Forging Technology

Forged wheels are not created via the same manufacturing process and Rays’ forged wheels utilize the mold-form forging design to achieve as sturdier and more durable wheels. Rays is a company that boasts some of the most advanced capabilities and efficiencies compared to other wheel manufacturers, so they take great pride in having such an established system to create high-performing wheels at reasonable prices. Aside from utilizing this mold-form forging technique to create outstanding wheels, the company also offers a variety of size settings and designs that are necessary for ongoing technological innovation.

Colors and Sizes

There are two colors available for Rays VOLK RACING TE37SB and these are Bronze and Pressed Double Black; there are two sizes as well which are seventeen and eighteen inches. For accents with its color, the red logo sticker is set beneath the air valve. The design of the Rays VOLK RACING TE37SB appears perfect for a street sports wheel and each of the wheels include the European Aluminum Air Valve which also include the company’s new logo.

Rays Co., Ltd.

The company is a high-end wheel manufacturer from Japan and they create wheels for both street and motorsport use. A lot of people get confused and assume that Volk Racing is the main company of Rays Engineering since it is mostly associated with the brand name; yet despite this, the company offers high-tech wheels that have undergone the forging process which is exclusive to the company.


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