Rays ZE40

Welcome to the age of the new! Comes from the chambers of advancement, a wheel so powerful and lightweight, Rays ZE40 is the perfect wheel you want for your racing jaunts. It has been forged to master extreme stiffness to withstand arduous of roads and any onslaught aggression from natural elements. Rays ZE40 will help you win races.

Rays ZE40 For Sale

The Rays Wheels – Industry Promise

Japanese technology is considered to be the world’s finest. Rays Engineering is one such extraordinary company that has been producing wheels since 1973. With decades of experience under their belt, products they forge end up incorporating all the qualities that help it stand out as high class work. From the anvils of Rays Engineering comes another enthralling product lineup named Volk Racing that fulfils all the criteria necessary to be recognized as a powerful brand. Enjoying the spotlight is one of its magnificent products named Rays ZE40 that sizzles in its sporty avatar at the same time offers high quality performance on roads. Volk Racing ZE40 has been helmed for racing tracks to provide drivers out of the world driving experience.

Rays ZE40 Key Factors

Let’s begin with the looks department. Rays ZE40 fares extremely well owing to its sportiness which it proudly dons, with the aid of a 10 spoke design and a stunning concavity that it banks on for its grandeur. It gallops with an aggressive mien when you dab that throttle throwing the onlookers in pits of amazement. Spokes play a symphony that is hard to resist. Get ready to make some instant fans! You cannot overlook the outstanding work on the flange area of the wheel. This is where the tires come into picture. The grip that the rim provides it is outright superlative. It helps in taking a firm hold over the tire to deliver astounding results. The central region isn’t coplanar to the spokes juncture which gives an impression that the grooves are connected from the inside. But that’s how it’s built. A closer view and you will fathom that it is all part of a singular system. You get a three dimensional feel looking at it and it calls for instant attention.

Volk Racing ZE40 – Color Selection

Volk Racing ZE40 will be the first thing people notice in your car. It is made prominent by its chic style and spectacular looks. The center reeks of a depth that will force any onlooker to take your ride seriously. There is a surreal aggression that its darkness simply aces. You get three delightful color variants that will help you to embrace the dark. These have been mentioned below: 1. Bronze 2. Diamond Dark Gunmetal 3. Matt Blue Gun metal

ZE40 Distributing Impact

Volk Racing ZE40 has been tested to meet stringent standards. It meets JWL and R Spec – 2 to justify its strength. Owing to the equilateral spoke design, the stress management that Rays ZE40 offers is simply top-notch. It makes shock absorption a piece of cake by distributing it evenly throughout the rim section, which is boiling with hardcore brawn. The stiffness tends to such impacts after the tire has taken it and thereby makes it invincible to exterior elements. Any onslaught from tarmac, stones, pebbles and rocks fail to cause any damage to the resilience of Rays ZE40.

Rays Wheels – Rays ZE40

Rays ZE40 does extremely well when it comes to cornering and handling the vehicle. It complies perfectly to your steer. Acceleration and deceleration effects get well addressed here. For hardcore racers this happens to be one of the most crucial parts. The wheel simply perfects it. Braking is also well assisted allowing the driver to bring the car to a sudden halt or start off abruptly. It works accordingly.