If you are a fan of Japanese Engineering you are simply going to love the all new GT V01. It has what you need to shine out from the crowd. A bewitching appearance and high performance is what gets guaranteed if come under the aegis of SSR Wheels.

SSR GT V01 For Sale

SSR Wheels features:

SSR Wheels are considered to be the magnificent ones. It competes against the best on a global level. The world class lineup has a rare charm to it that one could not overlook. It has Japanese Engineering finesse written all over it. The flair with which the construction has been done is suggestive of the painstaking work put in to carve in this beauty. It has its wings spread in all styles of forging namely:

  1. 1 piece
  2. 2 piece
  3. 2 piece Hybrid
  4. 3 piece

Why SSR wheels have super strength?

You must be wondering why there is ample brawn in these outstanding wheels. Why don’t they get affected by the mars of heavy reckless racing? The answer to that is immense strength that is derived through the way it has been manufactured. As the wheels go through a spinning process, it undergoes heat treatment again for a second time. Owing to this very fact, SSR wheels like GT V01 end up packing up immense strength. The heating increases the strength of the wheel. The end result you get is a lighter and stronger version of wheel ready to race down on arduous of roads. These wheels are ready for hard tuned race cars and simply impeccable for heavy vehicles.

The Beauty of GT V01

GT V01 packs in a sharp look. It has the right sporty air that you expect to take down on a racing track. A sports car’s beauty will get embellished if you sport a GT V01 on its tires. A five spoke design is what reads on the face of the wheel quite eloquently. You get plenty of color options for your trial. You can opt for the one that makes your ride look a complete badass. The color variations have been mentioned below:

  1. Flat Black
  2. Phantom Silver
  3. Glare Silver
  4. Ash Silver

GT V01’s beauty is evident on its flange section as well. The way the spokes go on to meet the flange is a sheer delight to watch. If you are a careful beady-eyed observer, falling in love with this wheel will only take a matter of seconds. The logo of the wheel has been casted at the sides of the internal rim. The name of the company also finds its spot in the center cap where it has been inscribed to be identified at once and earn instant fans.

Owing to the limited number of spokes on GT V01, there is ample room in between, something that assists braking functionalities profusely. Heat dissipation is facilitated that helps in keeping the internals cool. Also, there is clearance for braking calipers that stops any kind of impedance that you might come across.

Rotors make it into the grooves with maximum ease. The handling you reap out of this wonder is simply ravishing. There is plenty of room on the rim for tires to fit. You obtain proper traction and proper friction as a result of that. The wheel also makes sure you have a great accelerating and decelerating experience. It assists cornering too. So turning down tricky roads will be like a walk in the park for your car.

The shape and size of GT V01 has been prepared keeping in mind that it should easily dodge under the fenders without causing any hindrance issues.

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