GT V02 product lineup is considered to be one of the best from SSR wheels. It proudly campers around in the frontline owing to its exquisite styling and magnificent performance. If you are looking for a wheel on such lines of awesomeness, your hunt is definitely going to stop at GT V02.

SSR GT V02 For Sale

SSR wheels

When it comes to elegance, wheels by SSR beat them all. With an extraordinary blend of pizzazz that is evident on its face, SSR wheels are simply the best in the business. You can behold the panache of Japanese Engineering on its very body. The style it dons is beyond comparison. These wheels have been formed to assist you with your wild racing runs. It gives excellent performance on tricky roads and assists your ride into coming out of any tricky situation.

GT V02 grandeur

When it comes to cashing in on grandeur, GT V02 is simply fascinating. It features a 10 spoke design that has ample depth in it to make it look ravishing. It also banks on its concavity to pack in a 3D appearance. When you look at it from a distance, that’s when it tries to embellish the overall rad look of your car. GT V02 has true sporty vibes to it.

GT V02 has immense strength that helps it conquer toughest of roads. Any external onslaught of any kind, from pebbles to rocks, gets slashed down by this powerful product. A fact that profusely helps its durability quotient. It will stay with you at all times allowing you and your car to stay upbeat and super cool. Get ready to earn a thousand fans just by its sheer looks.

The way the spokes meet the flange is something that will make you realize how taut the wheel really is. It has been perfectly carved to help you during strenuous times. If there are arduous roads to scale, the GT V02 will become ready to assist you into winning many races.

GT V02 Wheel Performance

The grooves on the wheel are carved to accommodate the rotor easily. That being said it facilitates a cool unhindered movement. GT V02 fits the rotor impeccably allowing seamless functioning of the car.

There is plenty of clearance for the braking calipers. Also, it retains space galore to allow unobstructed heat dissipation. With the aid of the much needed cooling effect the overall functioning of the car improves allowing you to do driving without any hiccups.

When it comes to cornering the wheel supports it immensely. Even if there are crazy turns on the road, GT V02 accentuates your handling experience acting as per your steering needs. Tires get a proper traction on the rim and the latter supports it well at all times. You avail of a proper grip on the road even when the situation becomes relentless.

When you pay close attention to the wheel, you will realize that it has a spectacular finishing on its body. It adorns an anti-slip paint that doesn’t come out even when the wheel goes through an unrelenting run of hefty stones and rocks. Owing to the paint’s anti-slip nature, even dirt and mud doesn’t stick to it. Perchance it does on the inside of the wheel it is nothing huge that a single wash can’t easily take care of.

Towards the internal side of the rim, the logo of SSR wheels has been inscribed. The same is visible on the center cap too something that will let the world identify and distinguish the unparalleled splendor of the wheel.

There are four color variants that you can avail namely:

  1. Flat Black
  2. Phantom Silver
  3. Glare Silver
  4. Ash Silver

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