If you are a racing enthusiast, you need to revamp your style ASAP. GT V03 is the fascinating wheel that will let you achieve exactly that. GT V03 frontlines the SSR wheels product lineup that will let you revive your lost gusto, earn you instant fans and let you make a rad style statement.

SSR GT V03 For Sale

SSR wheels promise

You have got to admit SSR wheels are the best in the business. With their thrilling range they ensure extraordinary performance. They are made to rule the roads. The Japanese Engineering finesse is evident in their work. SSR Wheels have immense strength under their aegis that ensures that you are in for a long run. Unobstructed by the blemishes of external agent wounds, they sway just as you expect them to on even the most arduous roads. GT V03 is one such astounding product that comes straight from the chambers of SSR wheels production. With its aggressive look that insinuates it shouldn’t be taken for granted, winning races after races cannot be impeded.

GT V03 looks and appearance

To begin with, the wheel is simply mind-boggling to look at. It features a fork like twin spoke design that helps it to master the spectacular quotient. Its superb design makes it one of a kind, and one of the crowd favourites too. The ravishing looks of GT V03 are further supplemented by the concavity its spokes provide it as they touch the rim edges to give a ballsy look to the wheel. It bends superbly towards the center where it meets the excellently carved grooves meant to support rotor. Right in the center you get a center cap with an inscribed moniker that lets the world identify it instantly.

The eye-candy coats an anti-slip paint on it that wouldn’t come off even if subjected to tough conditions. On the internal lining of the flange, you see the SSR logo proudly flaunting the company that gave you this exhilarating wonder.

A closer look to the wheel and you will realize its true beauty. The way the finishing looks on it is very soothing. A seamless shine embellishes its frontal façade making you enjoy the wheel for what it truly is – an enigma of stark grandeur.

The magnificence of the wheel is further accentuated with its broad rim where some of its modish feature lurks. As a result of that the tire easily gets on it giving a great traction on road. You get the optimal friction needed to drive comfortably without any impedance of any sort on even trickiest of roads.

Performance of GT V03

The performance you squeeze out of the wheel is simply amazing. It fares superbly during cornering, adjusting to the steer of the handle, silently complementing the rotors all along. Also, the wheels tend to assist braking profusely. That being said, the acceleration and deceleration experience would get accentuated to a great extent. This is crucial if you are in a fast paced racing affair. Go ahead and dab that throttle and attain high speeds in a matter of seconds!

You get plenty of clearance for the braking calipers to accommodate. Also, owing to large spoke gaps, the flow of air you get is in abundance. This ensures a proper cooling as braking calipers tend to heat up quite easily owing to constant usage. So, heat dissipation is something that you can easily avail of.

Wheels being lightweight there is no question of your ride lagging behind in violent runs. GT V03 sees to it that you always come out in flying colors giving you incessant mind-numbing performance every time you hit the track.

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