Are you a born winner? What are you doing without the awesome GT X01 wheel? The SSR wheel will literally change the way you have been racing so far. It will accentuate your racing experience altogether. With its lightweight nature and superlative strength winning races after races would become your second nature.

SSR GT X01 For Sale

GT X01 background

SSR wheels are the most dignified wheels on the entire planet. The fame is owing to the diligent work engineers put in to make this wheel what it truly is – a fascinating affair of finesse. The flair with which the wheels are made will at once give away who made them. Japanese Engineering is written all over it. Their painstaking work is obvious on its enthralling finishing that works wonders for it in the competitive market.

GT X01 has found its way straight from the anvils of grandeur. It is a crowd favorite owing to the resilience it shows in its performance. Also, when it comes to the looks, it beats every single wheel out there.

Stunning appearance of the GT X01

Packing in its baggage a 10 spoke wheel design, GT X01 tells a silent story of splendor. When these SSR wheels get in motion, that’s when you see its true beauty unfold. It is the sweetest thing you will ever see when they are rolling and creating a mystical majestic mien with its rims.

Right towards the center where the spokes go on to meet its cap, you could see slits on the spokes that provide it a rare air of confidence. You get an aggressive demeanour that makes a wild winning statement. The center bit is considerably larger than most of SSR variants. This reduces the size of the spokes. Owing to this the SSR wheels become really petite. The end points of the spoke blend into the rim edges in a spectacular fashion. To impart it further support there is an internal rim edge that blends in with the inner walls of the spoke.

There is a certain profundity to the façade of GT X01 that you cannot overlook. A certain mesmerizing depth on its face will make you its instant fan. The rim profiling on this beauty has been done to match the levels of world class racing. These SSR wheels are incomparable when you try to match its sporty vibes that it proudly carries all along. It is an ideal sports racing wheel that will help you reach immeasurable heights.

How the GT X01 Wheel fares

GT X01 packs in a violent comportment in the performance section too. Since it has pre-eminent strength packed in its core, you get a peerless performance even on toughest of roads.

The grooves of the GT X01 are spot on, perfectly carved to facilitate rotors without any impedance. They gel up quite nicely and comply what the steering commands it to do. As a result of that you get an A1 performance during cornering, a great handling experience and top-notch acceleration and deceleration. At all times, the wheels are silently listening to the engine commands, making your whole driving experience unrivalled.

You get great clearance for your braking calipers allowing you to wash the wheels whenever they go dirty. The fact that dirt and mud doesn’t stick to it, will involve lesser maintenance. The anti-slip paint that the wheel dons takes care of the rest of the things. Any kind of collision or trivial nudging wouldn’t affect the look and feel of GT X01. It packs in plenty of strength to beat such innate onslaughts.

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