The SSR GTX-02 is another wheel model from SSR that is extremely lightweight. The wheel is available in Gloss Black and Dark Silver.

SSR GTX-02 for Sale

About SSR Wheels

SSR Wheels is a popular company that has been creating quality three-piece wheels since the year 1971. And because they’ve utilized the heat treatment manufacturing process, the company was able to produce three and two-piece wheels, single-piece forged wheels, as well as the flow-form single-piece wheels. SSR has been continuously manufacturing outstanding wheels in Japan for some time, and have been producing under the name Speed Star Wheel; recently, the company joined the group of the Tanabe organization. SSR supplies to a large number of racing organizations, and just recently, more of their road wheels have been utilized successfully right in the Time Attack area by Sunline Racing’s machines and Nagisa Auto’s GTR. The SSR range has decreased their supply to provide only a couple of selected wheels to keep their quality consistent and to centralize on all of the best wheels in their field.

SSR GTX-02 Wheels

Compared to the conventional GTX-01, the SSR GTX-02’s weight is decreased by 200 grams which highly influences the performance of a car and making it also greatly advantageous. The dynamic hyper-mesh design of the GTX-02 boosts the wheel’s durability, brake cooling, rigidity, as well as other functions available; additionally, the wheel also features a ten-spoke design. The coupling portion between the rim and disc is said to be an undercut style that establishes a space between the spoke and fastener. Additionally, the polish processing of the wheel’s fastener is also unique to its undercut style; the GTX-02 features three specific types of concave shapes: the SC – Super Concave, the STD – Standard, and the CV – Concave which features varying depths. The SSR GTX-02 is also designed with an optimal face-line by brake caliper, as well as an inset of target vehicle.

The Spoke Line

The disc is hyper mesh-based on 10 spokes which has been proven to be highly effective and efficient in the racing scene. While the lightweight discs primarily aid in making the spokes thinner and slimmer, the reinforcement ribs ensure to provide adequate amounts of strength and rigidity to the wheel.

Flow Forming Technique

The rim and not the disc is what determines the strength and toughness of the wheel; and as for the GTX-02’s inner rim, it is formed via the flow forming technique where the rim goes through hot forging with rotating rollers. The company also crafted a highly advanced technology which is the FFT-R that further advances and improves this construction process; this was developed to make the GTX-02 lighter without having to alter its strength levels.

The JWL Standards

The JWL Standards is set by the MLIT or the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport to further improve the safety and quality of manufactured wheels. This is a regular safety standard that is enforced by light alloy wheels made specifically for passenger vehicles (this excludes passenger cars that can accommodate eleven people or more). The wheel manufacturers are responsible for all the tests specified in in the technical standards then JWL’s marks will be displayed for the wheels that pass their requirements.

SSR GTX-02 Colors & Sizes

The SSR GTX-02 comes in different colors namely Gloss Black and Dark Silver, while the sizes range from 16 to 19 inches.


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