The GTX-03 is the latest models from SSR that is made entirely for sports. The company has adopted a brand new spoke cross-section that offsets weight reduction and rigidity.

SSR GTX-03 for Sale

About SSR

To provide high-quality and reassurance that all their products are safe, SSR’s one-of-a-kind quality control of manufacturing exceeds the JWL standards; the company takes a different stance when providing wheels to the various racing circuits. The race-spec wheels are produced in the same manner as commercial wheels which provide SSR straight and fresh response from these races; this is to further improve and develop the technology of their wheels. All the time spent on the track, as well as their connection with a number of motorsports, has led them to the great technological improvements that have been integrated into every manufactured SSR wheel. With that, the company continues to involve themselves in motorsports while also acquiring numerous wins in Time Attack, D1GP, Formula D, and JGTC.

SSR GTX-03 Wheels

The GTX-03 is the latest model from SSR wheels and it features ribs that allow the concave-feel of the wheel’s disc more prominent; additionally, the ribs also play a vital role in boosting rigidity. The GTX-03 offers four different kinds of concave shapes that feature varying depths, specifically the semi-concave, super concave, standard, and concave. Though each of the sizes complements this specific model, the central portion of the wheel improves its weight-saving feature since the thickness is decreased by cutting out the center cap of the wheel.

SSR’s Flow Forming Technology

The cast wheel’s rim is forged using heat rollers to simultaneously achieve both high-rigidity and weight reduction. The FFT or Flow Forming Technology makes the casting wheel’s performance really close to the forging performance. The company crafted an advanced and new technology FFT-R which better enhances the construction process. It is also made to boost the strength of the rim directly from the whole wheel’s form; this results in a stronger, durable, thinner, and more lightweight rim.

Single-Piece Construction

Since the seam is not present, it is easy to construct extremely accurate and high-strength wheels; also, it is highly advantageous when it comes to weight decrease. This construction is a unique feature of the wheel that lets the spokes extends to the wheel’s rim-end because of the integral molding.

JWL / VIA Standards

Based on one of the notices given by the Ministry of Transportation, as well as the Ministry of International Trade & Industry, the JWL or Japan Light Alloy – Wheel Technical Standards and the VIA or Automobile Light-Alloy Wheel Test Council, were created. SSR then introduced the test machines created by both of the councils then worked to further develop and improve the quality of their wheels. They ensured that all the wheels that they produced meet the VIA and JWL standards and requirements to exhibit the excellence and quality of the SSR wheels.

SSR GTX-03 Colors & Sizes

The SSR GTX-03 has different sizes that range from 15, 16, 17, 18, & 19 inches; and the available colors include Machined Graphite Gunmetal and Platinum Silver.


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