The RAYS Volk Racing TE-37 Gravel-2 is another one of the finely-made products by RAYS that ensures quality and durability for all. Customers can purchase the TE37 in white.


About RAYS

RAYS focuses on providing its customers with top-notch security and the highest levels of satisfaction every time they use RAYS’ wheels. So for them to have absolute quality control over the wheels the company offers, RAYS continues to manufacture products only in Japan. The company aims to always analyze and cater to the needs of their consumers, maintain the quality of their products, as well as offer reliable and excellent wheels to the market. The key for RAYS to acquire these goals is by producing all their products only in Japan and by establishing a unified in-house production scheme.

RAYS’ Volk Racing wheels have been utilized for a myriad of competition automobiles all over the world, thus, giving it the reputation for providing the best lightweight wheels globally. Since the company takes their racing experiences and combine these with a selection of wheel sizes and styles, the Volk wheels seen on a lot of high-performance racing machines can readily be found in regular, daily vehicles.

The RAYS VOLK RACING TE-37 Gravel-2 Wheels

The VOLK RACING TE-37 Gravel-2 is a single-piece, forge design wheel for increased durability and strength. It features a six-spoke design that is sleek while retaining the same classic yet simple appearance that comes off as aggressive which is a standard for the TE37 wheels. The Volk Racing Gravel-2 works and looks excellent on any rally racer machine, plus it also specializes in dirt trial and rally competitions. Additionally, it exhibits outstanding rigidity as a sports wheel for the latest generation compact automobiles; this is achieved by boosting the rim’s thickness, and by making it more rigid and stronger than before.

For Rallies and Dirt Trail Racing

The RAYS VOLK RACING TE-37 Gravel-2 has been categorized under the TE37 series and has been considered as a special product mainly for dirt trail racing and rallies. Today, it has evolved and developed into the Gravel-2 to adequately match the also improved TE37 SONIC; this was created as the brand new TE37 to match the high-efficiency levels of compact cars, and it also features increased rigidity and strength due to the much wider spokes used.

Forged Wheels

Fiber Flow is said to be the secret behind the strength and lightness of the forged wheels from RAYS; and since these are lighter, the wheels can be shaped thinly compared to cast wheels. Although this is the case, the VOLK RACING TE-37 Gravel-2 is still strong and durable enough due to the fiber flow lines that are present inside these forged wheels.


Since the Japanese adhere to the JWL standard which is considered as the minimum-strength requirement for every wheel manufacturers to be met, RAYS created their own strength test that better exhibits the actual driving environments. RAYS ensures that all of their wheels, including the VOLK RACING TE-37 Gravel-2, meet their JWL + R in-house requirements, as well as their rigorous and stricter JWL + R SPEC-2 standards. Additionally, safety is the ultimate minimum requirement that the company should meet no matter how much they aim for high and excellent performance.

RAYS VOLK RACING TE-37 Gravel-2 Colors and Sizes

The RAYS VOLK RACING TE-37 Gravel-2 comes in just one size at 15 inches, as well as its color with just Dash White.


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