WedsSport RN-05M

WedsSport RN-05M is one of the favorites among the WedsSport line up in 2016; it features the company’s Double AMF manufacturing technology, as well as their advanced AIR-PLUS technology. This technique helps decrease the wheel’s weight while simultaneously boosting the strength of both the rear and front rim barrel without really having to add more materials to alter the weight.

The wheel also features the AIR-PLUS innovation which directly comes from the company’s motorsport racing program wherein the RN-05M is created adequately to be capable enough to carry extra air volume while also increasing its spoke rigidity. Together with the N-Frame and machined spokes, the WedsSport RN-05M has been created as Weds’ strong, lightweight, and visually appealing sports wheel.

WedsSport RN-05M for Sale

The WedsSport RN-05M

Weds is a popular wheel manufacturer from Japan and they create wheels for both street and motorsport use. The company currently creates three different brands of wheels namely WedsSport, Maverick, and Kränze. The company is mostly known for their WedsSport line of motorsport wheels and for the company’s longtime patronage of the Racing Project Bandoh and the Super GT racing team.

WedsSport RN-05M Design

The RN-05M features an H-Rim profile which greatly improves the vertical and lateral strength of the wheel, especially under heavy race driving conditions. Its leveled middle section is generally flat to provide just the right stress dispersion across the wheel’s rim while also reducing the flex under heightened G-loads. Additionally, the tire bead seat and the rim’s edge have been thoroughly refined to strengthen and improve the rim while keeping the tire fixed in place.

The engineers of WedsSports recognize the issues of five-spoke wheels and they have created the pocketed rim flange to correct this problem. Having this on the RN-05M creates more surface area to further strengthen and improve the area between the wheel’s spokes. During the pocketing process, material is being removed to further decrease the wheel’s weight.

Double AMF Technology

This technology of Weds allows the manufacturing process to lessen the weight while increasing the strength of the wheel’s rear and front rim barrel without having to add more material which equals to more weight. The AIR PLUS innovation directly comes from the company’s motorsport racing program where the wheels are able to carry more volume of air while also increasing the rigidity of its spoke.

RN-05M AIR+ Technology

The AIR+ has two primary purposes: one is to boost the air volume while the other is to reduce weight. The wheel’s air volume and air pressure converts into tire load so the AIR+ pocket provides additional room to hold more air while also providing extra stability to the wheels.

H-Cross Reinforcement

Since Weds is aiming to reduce the weight of their wheels while also aiming for strength and durability, the company has utilized their classic H-Cross side-cut which has been incorporated into the design of their WedsSport RN-05M. The H-Cross side cut broadens the spoke surface area to decrease weight while also increasing the spoke’s rigidity which a lot of five-spoke designs lack.

Colors and Sizes

WedsSport RN-05M features two available colors namely Gold and Gloss Black, plus it only has one available size which is eighteen inches.


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