WedsSport RN-55M

WedsSport is a brand from Weds that features their latest WedsSport RN-55M. The product is available in two different colors namely BBM and Gloss Black.

WedsSport RN-55M for Sale

About Weds Co. Ltd.

Weds Co. Ltd. or Weds is a wheel manufacturer in Japan for both street and motorsport use; they currently produce three different brands of wheels namely Maverick, Kranze, and WedsSport. Weds is mostly known for their line of WedsSport motorsport wheels, as well as their longtime patronage of the Racing Project Bandoh and GT Racing Team. The WedsSport wheels are refined as the racing wheel types from Weds; and as a top-notch producer of custom wheels, the company continues to challenge and improve to make more contributions to the car society, as well as to achieve the dreams of all car lovers. Also, the company commercializes on high-quality wheels by adding value to its aesthetic design and its lightness; this only means that even if their wheels are copied, the imitations will never achieve the performance and quality of Weds’ wheels.

WedsSport RN-55M Wheels

The WedsSport RN-55M is the latest model from Weds. The aim of the company when creating the product is to produce a lightweight wheel with outstanding strength – a feature that is achieved when WedsSport applies the classic H-Cross technical style to the RN-55M. This specific design is made to decrease the weight of the wheels while simultaneously improving its rigidity and strength.

Machined Spokes

The RN-55M also offers color clear (the company’s patented technology) and side-machining; with these, the wheels cannot be replicated by other companies. With the presence of this specific manufacturing process, the H Cross-Section Shape is completed by utilizing an extra machining process where the spoke portion is scraped to its maximum and more weight-saving is possible.


The AMF of Advanced Metal Forming is a type of rotation-forming method that rotations a metallic pipe axis then casts a material on a roller. This method provides additional tenacious and flexible strength by utilizing the aluminum material’s crystals; plus, the macro-formation gets detailed further when being forged this way. As a result, the wheels come out with high-strength rims that feature durability, stretch-strength, and spread which are essential characteristics necessary for all aluminum wheels.

Certification and Quality Standards of Weds Wheels

When it comes to manufacturing wheels, strength quality is among the primary factors that every company needs to ensure. In Japan, the MLIT requires all companies to produce wheels that can meet all their strict technical standards; there is also the presence of the JWL standards which should also be met by all manufactured wheels for passenger cars while bus and truck wheels should pass the rigid standards of the JWL-T. With that, all of Weds wheels, including the WedsSport RN-55M, are made perfectly to meet all the above standards which is why they conduct their own strength tests which are stricter and tougher than the regular standards.

WedsSport RN-55M Sizes, Accessories, and Colors

The WedsSport RN-55M has a size of 18 inches and it comes in two colors: Gloss Black and BBM. The wheel also comes with a smooth and leveled center cap, as well as an aluminum air valve.


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