WedsSport SA-10R

WedsSport SA-10R sizzles in its 10 spoke design structure. It gives the wheels a sporty feel which is just about right for all racing competitions. If you wish to shine out on the tracks, this is the wheel you should go for.

WedsSport SA-10R For Sale

Promise of Weds Engineering

Weds company was founded in the year 1965. It began production by manufacturing enthralling collection of wheels for Nissan. Earning its name gradually with the introduction of world’s first three piece forged wheel, it slowly became a beast in the wheels industry.

WedsSport stands as one of the major frontrunners to ace Weds’ thrilling range of products. Amongst other popular brands were Kranze and Maverick. Wedssport wheels have been known to deliver astounding results and are aimed to emanate high performance. One such extraordinary product that comes straight from the baggage of Weds is the WedsSport SA-10R wheel. SA-10R has everything that you want in a wheel to splutter in your ride unhindered by the mars of punishing tracks.

WedsSport SA-10R features

When you take a look at the face of the WedsSport SA-10R, you will realize that there is ample room for heat dissipation. A proper cooling effect is maintained at all times, despite you taking down your ride through punishing roads. There is literally no dirt lingering and even if mud ends up biding to the wheels, a simple washing could easily remove it. WedsSport SA-10R has immense strength when it comes to tackling any incoming onslaught from stones, pebbles and rocks. The anti-slip paint that it proudly dons doesn’t succumb to wearing off. It rules in an appeasing finishing that runs throughout its lengths and ensures that the whole coating stays intact.

It facilitates braking profusely. Also, it assists the driver with cornering which is one of the most crucial things when in a race. Handling is made to meet high-rate standards which is aced by WedsSport SA-10R to perfection. All Wedssport wheels generally pack in this quality to facilitate fascinating results on rallying tracks.

Looks of WedsSport SA-10R

This product of Wedssport wheels scores high on its looks. You can see the design in the front embellished by its 10-spoke structure. Its spokes meet the outward rim in a concave fashion giving the impression of a certain profundity which is generally missing in other wheels of the same range. The reason the wheel has been pigeonholed in the enchanting category is because it aces its sporty vibes to perfection. It gives a very unique stylish look to your car which will help you splutter in grandeur. Way to earn some instant fans!

To furbish the looks of the wheel, in some of the variants of WedsSport SA-10R you get colorful rim outlining that go in the interior of the Wedssport wheels that look downright ravishing from a distance. Make sure the color matches your car’s color and nobody can stop you from becoming the crowd favourite.

Perfect Grip on Vicious Roads

There is ample room on the rim for tires to make a perfect grip and ensure a winsome seamless traction. If you wish to see how great the wheels perform you should try taking it on winding cumbersome roads. You will be surprised to find out how great the wheels perform under pressure. Braking, cornering and handling become amplified. Wheels literally listen to your mechanical commands to yield high-rate results.

You get 4 different sizes as options to choose for your ride. Based upon your personal preference you can choose either of the following:

  1. 15 inch
  2. 16 inch
  3. 17 inch
  4. 18 inch

Wheels are based upon AMF forming techniques to come out extremely strenuous. SA-10R is extremely resilient at the same time lightweight.

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