WedsSport SA-15R

Just as the moniker suggests, WedsSport SA-15R packs in a 15 spoke design. Its style is made unique with the three dimensional gravity its face provides. It sizzles in an unrivalled elegance of a beauty that is hard to find in a wheeling structure. At the same time it provides you extraordinary performance as well when it comes to handling. Get ready to leave some jaws wide open as you drive past onlookers.

WedsSport SA-15R For Sale

Weds company: Ruling the motor industry

Weds company saw the light for the first time in the year 1965. It was then called as Nippo Ltd. Right from its inception, the company came into the spotlight for manufacturing wheels for the ever so popular Nissan motor company. The company found its moniker changed to Weds in the year 1973. Four years later it would create its pioneering three piece forged wheel that would shake the foundation of the entire motor industry.

World Elster Distribution System started manufacturing enthralling wheels for motorsports competition in the year 1984. Ever since that, there has been no turning back as it continues to reign track roads. Gaining maximum kudos for its thrilling product line that goes by the name WedsSport, Weds company is still the most revered and respected company in the global motorsports scenario.

WedsSport SA-15R looks and appearance

One look at the SA-15R and you know instantly how brilliant its engineering is. With a refreshing look of 15 spokes style, pizzazz is literally written all over it. It tries to milk its concave nature as spokes converge to meet the center cap with superbly cut grooves. Towards the protruding edge you could see the magnificence with which spokes tend to meet the rim profiling. It imparts a much better and darker feel to the wheel. There is depth galore which helps it to ace the 3D look that everyone is rooting for in a wheel. Take your car out for a spin and second glances are guaranteed.

When you take a look at its flange, you will realize how beautifully it has been carved to adorn a tire. It facilitates a proper grip and works on the wheel traction to give best results on road. Its seamless finishing is a joy to watch. It features an anti-slip paint that intends to stand against even the most relentless rock onslaught. If you are finding yourself up in a dirt race, stay relaxed as from Wedssport wheels point of view you will rarely have any problem. Give it a wash and every mud and dirt will get removed giving you a spotless shine.

The fin type design it tries to milk is one of the most contemporary designs you might have come across on race tracks. It will help you walk hand in hand with latest trends.

Strength Meter

WedsSport SA-15R scores high on the strength meter. It has just the right brawn to carry your car around without any hindrance. Wedssport wheels are lab tested to work even in worst conditions. World standards like JWL and VIA are met to come out with quality stuff. It makes use of AMF technology to impart astounding power and resilience to the wheel. There is impeccable uniformity achieved throughout the line of weddsport wheels.

WedsSport SA-15R has been made lightweight too. The feature allows it to gain maximum weight reduction thereby minimizing the overall weight of the car. The lighter your car is the faster it will move on punishing tracks. It works on that very dictum.

What are you waiting for? It is time for you to book yours. The enchanting WedsSport SA-15R is waiting for you!

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