WedsSport SA-20R

The SA wheels are specifically for individuals who require low-costing wheels but with excellent durability and light weight; plus, the SA-20R is considered to be a flow form cast wheel which makes it even better for the tracks. In Japan, the government requires all developed wheels to meet a strict technical standard which is the JWL or the JWL-T. All wheels of Weds including the WedsSport SA-20R, are made precisely to meet all the required standards and these are all done via tests that have been conducted under extra strict standards.

WedsSport SA-20R for Sale

The WedsSport SA-20R

WedsSport is a brand under the company Weds and it has been developed as the Weds’ brand for racing wheels; their SA series has been featured in the Super GT series and are also utilized on the WEDSSPORTS D1 sponsored vehicles that frequently appeared in Japan’s D1 competition. The company believes that the participation of motorSports racing has brought them valuable information and know-how that translated to producing high-quality consumer goods.

Design of Wheels

The WedsSport SA-20R was introduced in the year 2016 at the Tokyo Auto Salon and it features a five-split mesh spoke style which is actually reminiscent of the classic mesh wheel form; the only difference is that it is wrapped in a contemporary single piece package.

Pattern and Technology

When it comes to the pattern of the WedsSport SA-20R, it exhibits a Concave R-Face and also, the WedsSport SA-20R is a flow form cast wheel. The advantage of these types of wheels is that it thoroughly melts aluminum alloy at heightened temperature then after, this will be poured into molds to form. This makes the designing flexibility of the disc quite high which in return, makes the wheels easy to mass produce while also keeping things economical.

The Advanced Metal Forming Process

Just like all the other WedsSport wheels produced by the company, the SA-20R is constructed via Weds’ highly noted AMF or Advanced Metal Forming constructing process. This specific rotation forming process pivots a metallic pipe axis that helps cast the material on a roller and this accomplishes more tenacious and flexible strength. As a result, the process achieves a high-strength rim that features durability, strength, and spread which are considered as basic elements required for aluminum steel.

Additionally, the Advanced Metal Forming process achieves a lightweight wheel with improved structural strength; plus, its design is specifically focused on the structural rigidity of the WedsSport SA-20R to minimize flex. This process was also created to ensure adequate speed while keeping driving safe.

WedsSport SA-20R – Colors and Sizes

For the WedsSport SA-20R’s wheels, these come in different sizes that range from fifteen to eighteen inches and for its colors, the wheels come in shades of Blue Light Chrome II and Weds Black Chrome. For those who choose the sizes that range from nineteen to twenty inches, the available colors include Matte Black and Silver; also, each of the SA20R includes an aluminum valve stem and a type 2 center cap. VI-Silver wheels include the company’s special silver cap while their Matte Black wheels have the special flat type black cap.


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