WedsSport SA-54R

The WedsSport SA54R is among the latest models under the name WedsSport and it features designs that are new concepts for the brand. This was the first time that the company’s designer utilized a much more complex style which has been incorporated into the WedsSport SA54R – its appearance is totally different compared to the classic and simple sports style.

Just like all the wheels created by Weds, the WedsSport SA54R meets the safety requirements of the JWL (Japan Light Alloy Wheel Standard) which is a collection of requirements necessary for alloy wheels. All wheels should meet these requirements to be used by Japanese passenger cars and having the JWL mark forged or cast to the wheel only tells that this was self-certified by the manufacturer after meeting the standards to ensure the safety of cars before utilizing aluminum road wheels. These are general standards that are accepted worldwide for almost all road conditions; this is the reason why such marks can be seen on European, as well as other Asian wheels.

WedsSport SA-54R for Sale

Wheel Design of the SA72R

WedsSport SA72R features a twin seven spoke design which offers a very eye-catching style. Its triangle-shaped spoke profile gives off excellent rigidity and strength without having to sacrifice the wheel’s weight; simultaneously, it also provides outstanding brake clearance.

AMF Technology

The company makes use of the AMF (Advanced Metal Forming) Technology since this allows them to create wheels that are stronger compared to the wheels that are made via the classic casting method. The Advanced Metal Forming technique wheels are not only stronger and more durable, but these are also more lightweight which makes the SA-54R an excellent choice for customers who opt for durable wheels that are cost efficient.

During the Advanced Metal Forming process, Weds casts the wheel’s face and the barrel in a single piece; they utilize a special type of forming equipment that helps mold the metal into its last shape. The benefit of Weds’ Advanced Metal Forming technique is that it makes use of a cost efficient method to accomplish heightened strength along the wheel’s rim barrel. Since the company has made use of this technique for the SA-54R, you can expect that the wheel has great strength which is almost as durable as the commonly forged wheels but at a fraction of its cost.

Colors and Sizes

The available sizes for the WedsSport SA54R range from fifteen to eighteen inches while the colors that they have include Blue and White. Each of their wheels also feature a Type 2 center cap which also comes along with an Aluminum Valve stem.

The Company – Weds

Weds Co., Ltd. is a well-known Japanese company that manufactures wheels for both street and motorsport use. The company currently has three brands of popular wheels namely Maverick, WedsSport, and Kränze. They are also highly notable for their line of motorsport wheels that have been developed as the racing type of wheels from Weds. The company has also provided wheels that offer uniformity, weight reduction, and strength which have made them victorious in the JGTC racing tournament as well as other motorsports events.


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