WedsSport SA-55M

SA-55M is what stands in the vanguard of WedsSport Wheels with enthralling looks and powerful performance. The exciting sports wheel is a powerhouse of trendiness. It has ample brawn in its spokes that helps it to stay at the top of its game captivating people on the go.

WedsSport SA-55M For Sale

Weds Engineering

Seeing the light for the first time in the year 1965, the company has come a long way ever since its inception producing fascinating products. It has served as a boon to the motor sports industry. Amongst most popular brand lines by Weds, WedsSport line is the most renowned one and has been associated with the Super GT Racing Team Racing Project Bandoh. Weds is also responsible for the creation of world’s first three piece forged wheel in the year 1977, a feat that put it in a pedestal of success in the motor sports arena.

Weds company has been coming up with wheels of the extraordinaire ever since, with WedsSport Wheels to help it achieve the topmost position. Frontlining the magnificent brand is the all new WedsSport SA-55M that is a perfect blend of beauty and strength.

Key features of WedsSport SA-55M

What do you look for in a wheel? Superlative strength, lightweight nature and resilience? The WedsSport SA-55M captures all the aforementioned qualities like a pro. It has been helmed using AMF technology which is an acronym for Advanced Metal Forming Technique aimed at producing an even and uniform texture throughout its body. Its finishing is simply A1 that helps it to achieve a seamless shine.

All the aforementioned qualities are well sieved in the entire range of Wedssport wheels as well. These wheels are known for its superb handling. Braking, acceleration and deceleration are well supplemented allowing the car to manifest unrivalled results, the reason why you should go for Wedssport wheels if you have chosen racing to be your favourite sport.

Appearance quotient of WedSport SA-55M

Packing in a twin spoke design WedsSport SA-55M looks like a complete badass when it goes in motion on the tracks. Spokes meet the flange in a beautiful fashion with ample spacing for rim profile to easily don a tire. Owing to the exquisite finishing on the rim section, proper traction is maintained when the car is in action. You get desired friction without having to worry about car losing its control when you are cornering. Even when the going goes tough on punishing roads, WedsSport SA-55M keeps the reins of handling under its aegis. High-rate control is managed no matter how difficult tracks get.

With limited no. of spokes under its baggage there is plenty of room achieved for the braking cool-down effect. Heat dissipation is taken care of hence. Also, owing to the concave nature of the wheel, a rare finesse is aced by the spokes as they coincide with the center cap. You get a unique gravity in its looks, as it sizzles in the dark. You could almost feel its three dimensional effect assisting it with the looks. Dual lining on the spokes ensure that SA-55 means business. It is impactful just like other Wedssport wheels.

It has the highest rigidity available something you need profusely in your wheels. V-Cross Section spokes ensure they appear soothing to the eyes at the same time stay strenuous. The detailing is sheer stellar. If you look at WedsSport SA-55M closely you will notice the painstaking work put in it easily.

There are two size options available that you could choose from. They are namely 18 inch and 19 inch variants. You could opt for an optional center cap as well or customize the wheel as per your personal preference.

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