WedsSport SA-72R

Nothing matches the superlative strength and engineering that WedsSport wheels house. The all new SA-72R is an epitome of rigour. You could literally perceive the diligence in their meticulous engineering by looking at the wheel. Get ready to own the competition!

WedsSport SA-72R For Sale

Weds Company: A brief history

With more than 50 years of experience in motorsport industry, Weds has been helming extraordinary wheels that meet all the qualities required for high-speed performance. Three major popular brands of the company notable for their painstaking work are WedsSport, Kranze and Maverick. However, it has earned outstanding fame for its thrilling range of products for the WedsSports line. The Super GT Racing Team, Racing Project Bandoh has been working in partnership with WedsSports for quite a long time now.

The company came to the frontline in the year 1965 with their fabulous wheels that they manufactured for Nissan motor company. In the year 1977, it served as a pioneer when it came with the world’s first three piece forged wheel. With the intent to reign motorsport events, Weds has slowly made its way into the exhilarating racing enclave. WedsSport range bears testimony to their exquisite contrivance. Wedssport wheels are known for their lightweight nature, and their immaculate strength.

WedsSport SA-72R appearance

Running in the vanguard of Wedssport wheels is the eye-candy SA-72R model which is quite popular amongst racing enthusiasts. Packing in winning capabilities WedsSport SA-72R makes one hell of a statement.

When it comes to its looks, it is simply outright bewitching. A twin spoke equidistant design assists it to embellish its appearance further. What seals the deal is its concavity quotient. The way its spokes meet the rim in an obtrusive manner, helps it to splutter in some authentic sporty vibes.

It doesn’t fail to create a groove like structure in the center where the cap is located. There is a deep trench that imparts the wheel a certain depth. It aids in acing that 3D look you are always looking for when your wheels are in motion. It helps to make your ride look stunning from a distance. Get these wheels today and see all the difference it makes.

Other features of WedsSport SA-72R

It makes use of AMF or Advanced Metal Forming to helm powerful wheels. Wheel is lab tested to yield exceptional results. It passes through all the vigorous testing to meet safety requirements. The wheel facilitates the cooling down effect profusely as it banks on the space between spokes to see to it that proper air flow is maintained. Braking heat dissipation is well aided as your car touches unrivalled speeds.

WedsSport SA-72R has anti-slip paint that will stay intact even when the wedssport wheels get subjected to extreme conditions. The wheel has been carved such so as to allow the driver to get the best handling possible in a car. It fares superbly whilst cornering. It also allows easy acceleration and deceleration whenever needed to ensure the car leaps forward or stops instantly when it is the need of the hour.

Rim space is plenty for tires to have a firm grip. Proper friction and traction is maintained even on the most relentless tracks. At the profile edges you can see carvings for identification which also endeavour to achieve a chicer outlook.

Finishing that the WedsSport SA-72R offers is of the most superlative quality. If you give its detailing a proper scrutiny, you will see for yourself how brilliantly the whole structure has been put together.

You get the wheel in different sizes for the WedsSport SA-72R. You can opt for either 15, 16, 17 or 18 inch variants based upon your preferred ride.

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