WedsSport SA-77R

WEDS WedsSport SA-77R is one of the latest models from WEDS and the wheel is available in Blue Light Chrome II and Worth Black Clear colors.

WedsSport SA-77R for Sale

About WEDS

Weds Co., Ltd. is one of the popular wheel manufacturers in Japan and they cater to both street and motorsport use. Weds currently creates for three specific brands of wheels and these are Kranze, WedsSport, and Maverick. They are most known for their WedsSport line of products, as well as for the brand’s continuous sponsorship and support for the Super GT race team and Racing Project Bandoh.

WEDS WedsSport SA-77R Wheels

The WedsSport SA-77R is a new model from Weds that features seven-spokes and is scraped using Weds’ manufacturing method called the H-Cross Sectional Shape. It allows weight reduction without affecting the strength and durability of the wheel. It is also made using Weds’ Advanced Metal Forming technique to achieve adequate wheel strength that is almost as strong as forged wheels; also, things are kept cost efficient for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, the WedsSport SA-77R also presents Weds’ latest design process called the Side-Machining x Color Clear. This method provides the wheel a one-of-a-kind appearance while also preventing the production of fake, low-quality replicas of this wheel.

Advanced Metal Forming Method

Advanced Metal Forming is one type of the rotation-forming method that literally pivots a metal pipe axis then casts the material on a certain type of roller. Weds’ AMF or Advanced Metal Forming process, or better known as the Flow-Form / Spin Forging technique is a special process wherein a CNC lathe machine is utilized to create a metallic object. When it comes to WedsSport, the metallic object is specifically a wheel barrel. Here, a roller arm located at the top portion of the barrel works by shaping this and utilizing a rim-mold beneath it. The increased pressure that is created by the rim mold and roller produces a dense aluminum form.

H-Cross Sectional Shape

When it comes to this type of manufacturing procedure, the H-cross sectional shape, that can’t be completed via die molding, is achieved via an extra machining process. This is necessary so the spoke portion of the wheel is scraped to its limit while weight reduction is made even more possible.

WedsSport SA-77R Side Machining and Color Clear

The design procedure is based on the latest concept called the Side Machining × Color Clear which greatly compliments the design of the WedsSport SA-77R; also, this specialized technology ingrained a completely fresh design factor. With all the excellence in the design and style of the wheels, the identity of the company alone – which is something that can’t really be achieved by other wheel manufacturers – is an innovation that opens a new point for wheel designs.

WedsSport SA-77R Sizes, Colors & Accessories

The available sizes for the WEDS WedsSport SA-77R range from 15, 16, 17, and 18 inches while its available colors include the Blue Light Chrome II and the Worth Black Clear. Purchasing the SA-77R includes an aluminum air valve and center cap while the optional accessories that can be purchased separately is a flat center cap.


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