Need a wheel of splendor unmatched? Looking for the one that gives you a great handling as well? Work EMOTION 11R packs in all such qualities. Standing in the vanguard of Work Wheels is this rare beauty that will make your competitive races extraordinary.

Work EMOTION 11R For Sale

The Work Wheels Company

The Work Wheels Company has been around ever since it saw its inception in the year 1977. It has been releasing thrilling range of wheels one after the other ever since. It has been a constant chugging down on a path of technological advancement for Work Company. Their knack for making the awesome is just apparent on their brilliant product lineups. The flair with which they have been making the products is suggestive of some outstanding Japanese Engineering. One of the products that reeks of their subtlety in making endearing wheels, is the excellent Work EMOTION 11R.

Work EMOTION 11R features

No feeling is more divine than having a wheel that helps you stand out as the coolest guy in a racing event. Work EMOTION 11R will literally let you on the bandwagon of awesomeness. It retains a stellar façade that is well accentuated with the help of an 11 spoke design that looks absolutely ravishing when the wheels get to motion.

Work EMOTION 11R’s rim is large enough to easily accommodate a tire. It makes its way into the car structure without causing any hindrance to the fenders. The flange design is something to look forward to as it complements the darkness of the tire.

You get loads of color options here. Get the one that supplements your style and fervor. There is a color for every car, so you will not feel left out either.

Colossal strength and lightweight

EMOTION 11R’s true panache is holed up in its designing. The way the wheel has been forged helps it to pack immense strength. It passes through rigorous testing to score high points in power. It is build for strenuous heads, who are looking to make every ride an adventurous one.

It is a lightweight venture by Work Wheels that will make sure that the speed of your car goes up a notch. With a lighter design to handle, it strikes out weight issues from a ride right away. As a result, you get a better faster movement on roads.

Performance Quotient

When it comes to delivering, Work EMOTION 11R will simply blow you away. It will fascinate you with its unrivalled handling. You also grab a great cornering feel when you are trying to steer your ride into tricky corners.

When it comes to high speed racing, WORK EMOTION 11R doesn’t fail to manifest its true qualities. It will make sure you stay at the top by constantly assisting you with its perfection. Even though the road conditions become dangerous, it will not falter from giving you magnificent results. That’s the beauty of it.

At pit stops where acceleration and deceleration are key players, the wheel imparts you superlative results. It facilitates and aids braking superbly. The wheel comes to an instant halt the moment you dab the brakes. Also, the brakes get clearance galore allowing even the larger braking calipers to get easily accommodated. There is space for air to rush in whenever things start to heat up. Heat dissipation is assisted profusely allowing you to keep crucial functions related to braking up and running all the time.

The Final Verdict

With its brilliant design EMOTION 11R makes a silent promise of assisting you at every juncture. If you are looking for some high performance, this is the wheel you should buy.

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