Work EMOTION CR Kiwami

If you wish to stay stylish without compromising on the performance aspects, Work Emotion CR Kiwami is just the wheel for you. It has the looks that will help you stay distinguished on the tracks. Also, the performance you get in terms of handling, cornering and braking is simply fascinating. It will ensure that you stay on the top as you take part in numerous racing events.

Work EMOTION CR Kiwami For Sale

Work Wheels Company

Work wheels took its first baby steps in the year 1977. It has come a long way ever since. With an amazing range of products that only speaks of grandeur Work Wheels pack in a true picture of exhilarating Japanese engineering. Their unrivalled flair is evident on their products. It is hard not to gawk at the amazing finishing they give to the wheels.

Work wheels Company is a definite beast in the automotive industry, and has plenty of experience in manufacturing exhilarating wheels. One such wonder of their beautiful creation is the all new Work EMOTION CR Kiwami that not only scores high on the looks but also aces the performance meter. Read on more about it to understand how it manages to score high points in the competitive racing market.

Work EMOTION CR Kiwami appearance

When it comes to the appearance enclave Work EMOTION CR Kiwami scores the most. It has a twin five spoke design that gives it a stellar look from a distance. A fork like structure is evident from the frontal façade that looks both rad and helps in packing in a superlative feel to the Work EMOTION CR Kiwami. There are plenty of gaps betwixt its spokes that facilitate room for easy accommodation of braking calipers. Even large braking calipers get accommodated which helps in increasing the performance of the wheel immensely.

With such room, also gets ensured constant air flow. If there is plenty of air supply it assists the wheel in scoring easy heat dissipation. So, the wheels keep performing better and better even when there is relentless usage entailed. You get a great cooling effect that helps the wheel to function properly at all times.

Coming back to its looks you bag in plenty of concavity too. The spokes meet the flange in a unique fashion embellishing its appearance to a colossal extent. The best part is its rim profiling where some of the most thrilling works by the Japanese engineers get showcased. The center cap of the Work EMOTION CR Kiwami accentuates further the beauty of the wheel as it brings glamour to the already glamorous wheel.

Strength and Lightweight nature of EMOTION CR Kiwami

Work EMOTION CR Kiwami has just the right strength and glamour to stay distinguished and well above the popularity meter. It is a perfect lightweight variant of the stunning range of products by Work Company. The Emotion series banks on its lightweight feature to impart super speed to the vehicle that dons it. The fact that lighter wheels end up reducing the weight of the wheel to a great extent helps in speeding up the ride. Hence, you end up winning more races.

In some of its variants you get extraordinary grooves to up the level of magnificence. From a distance the wheels emanate a spectacular feel that you might probably fail to register with others pigeonholed in the same category.

There are tons of color options you get here. So make sure you see them all, connect them with the color of your ride. See to it if it matches and amplifies the stylish quotient of your car, that it makes the end result look ravishing.

Go ahead and try it!

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