One of the highest quality wheels that you could lay your hands on is the all new Work EMOTION D9R. The wheel is a revered beast in today’s competitive market. It has the right amount of aggression to it which it exploits immensely to stay at the top of the racing game. It is one of those crowd favourites that rarely ever fail to capture the attention of the onlookers. Get this today and take your racing shenanigans to the next level!


The Promise of Work Wheels Engineering

Work Wheels Engineering was founded in the year 1977. With about 4 decades of experience in manufacturing wheels, it has established itself as a beast in the automotive industry. The panache of Japanese Engineering speaks volume when you take a proper scrutiny at every product lineup of Work Wheels. The meticulous work put in by the engineers is what makes every wheel a ravishing affair. One such wheel that rakes in all the qualities of the brilliant grandeur of Work Wheels is the extraordinary WORK EMOTION D9R.

WORK EMOTION D9R exciting features

You don’t see a 9 spoke wheel every day. WORK EMOTION D9R flaunts a beautiful 9 spoke design that helps it to stay distinguished from the rest of the wheels. The spokes don’t exactly meet the rim edges rather the interior part which helps in protecting it from any sort of collision effects. Right next to the grooves meant for rotors, there are bigger holes that help it to look simply enthralling.

It retains a nice sporty mien that helps it to ace the adventurous style that it tries to bank on. It is outright ideal for any racing event. Spokes of WORK EMOTION D9R carry a concave fluency to its appearance that walks hand in hand with the contemporary. It has a very chic style of creation that is still hunted amongst racing enthusiasts.

There is comfortable spacing betwixt the spokes that make sure your braking calipers get maximum clearance. With such space to assist you there is a constant flow of air going on at all times. Heat dissipation is constantly there which ensures that your braking functionalities stay unhindered.

Put it on a racing track and earn instant fans right away.

Performance of WORK EMOTION D9R

The performance you rake in via the astounding WORK EMOTION D9R is something that will make sure you keep scoring in every race. You garner a great handling feel with the help of this wheel. It supports cornering to a great extent. So, turning down trickier lanes wouldn’t pose a problem to you. Both acceleration and deceleration are constantly supported by the wheel at all times. So, dabbing the throttle will throw you instantly into some high speed racing. Similarly pressing the brakes brings you to an instant stop.

WORK EMOTION D9R works like a charm with your ride, literally assisting it on every juncture. It delivers thrilling results even on arduous of roads. Tricky lanes don’t bother it as it keeps trundling even when the going goes tough.

EMOTION D9R is tougher. It has immense strength that helps it to survive the adversities of dirt tracks and rocky roads. When there is an intrusion from rocks, pebbles, gravels and stones on its wheel, there is hardly a blemish that spoils its appearance. You get an anti-slip paint that stays with the wheel no matter what.

The wheel is a very durable one and will stay with you years to come. You can amp your style quotient taking it up another notch by sizzling in this rad beauty called WORK EMOTION D9R.

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