Wheels are one of the most vital elements to determine the category of your car, and the ultimate goal of WORK is to provide adequate support and assistance for their customer’s every need. With their enhanced knowledge and years of experience, the company has created the EMOTION M8R which is a set of wheels that are designed for every customer’s desire.



WORK Co. Ltd. or Work Company Limited is known as a high-end wheel manufacturer from Japan that creates wheels for both street and motorsport use; they are most notable and well-known for their WORK Meister and WORK Equip series of wheels. The company is usually regarded as the leading makers of single, double, and triple piece forged wheels that are perfect for automotive use. The company has adopted the on-demand system to be able to create wheels at the direct request of their regular customers, as well as their corporate customers which include Falken Tyres, Dunlop, Toyota Modellista International Co., Tyre & Rubber Co., FUJI Corporation, and a lot more.

WORK Emotion M8R Wheels Design

WORK Emotion M8R’s wheels make use of the WORK Flow Forming Technology, and the primary benefit of this specific type of technology is its ability to lessen the barrel thickness; so with that, it lessens the weight of the M8R without really compromising the strength and durability of the rim barrel. The flow forming wheels of WORK begins with a low-pressure cast construction which is unlike the lower quality gravity casting that most competitors utilize for their wheels. The low-pressure cast construction has a more compressed material property compared to gravity cast wheels which allow better strength advantage compared to the gravity cast that has a flow forming barrel.

Colors and Sizes

WORK’s Emotion M8R wheels are single piece cast concave wheels that are still durable and lightweight. This set of wheels represents the classic style of wheels but with a hint of contemporary style. It features mesh spokes that have a deep concave exterior to maintain a very sporty appearance; the M8R also has a deeply tapered spoke that makes the wheel’s mesh structure even more beautiful. Because of the combination of the powerful deep taper and its classic emotional mesh design, it has created a sport-oriented appearance.

WORK Emotion M8R also features a standard rim which is considered as basic wheel constructions. It features a large space which is adequate enough to setup a huge brake rotor, making the M8R more advantageous for equipping a bigger caliper. Because of the appearance and structure of the wheels, EMOTION M8R is definitely the type of wheels for anyone looking for a sporty look.

The colors that are available for the EMOTION M8R include Ash Titanium, Glim Black, Matte Black, and White. As for the sizes, they offer seventeen, eighteen, and nineteen inches; the M8R’s outer barrel size ranges from 1.1 to 3.2 inches and these vary depending on the size and width of the wheel. Moreover, the wheels have different levels of brake clearance and this also depends on the offset and width. Additionally, WORK Emotion M8R also features a valve stem that comes in shades of red, blue, or black.


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