WORK Emotion T5R

The latest WORK Emotion T5R is available for every consumer who loves racing. The wheel comes in three different colors and these include Ice White, Matte Graphite, and Glow Silver.

WORK Emotion T5R for Sale

About WORK Wheels

WORK Co., Ltd is a quality and popular Japanese wheel maker for street and motorsport use; they are also mostly known for creating the WORK Meister and WORK Equip line of wheels. The company released their very first line of wheels in the year 1977 as WORK Equip which continues to be produced today by popular demand. WORK Wheels is usually regarded as the leading producers of single, double, and tripe-piece forged wheels specifically for automotive use and they have also adopted the on-demand system to manufacture products from the direct request of their customers. Also, the company has grown extremely famous in the drift community due to their high-quality products at affordable prices.

WORK Emotion T5R Wheels

The range of wheels under WORK Emotion has acquired an outstanding reputation and numerous variations of its products have taken part in Super Endurance and GT classes of racing in Japan.

WORK Emotion T5R

For this year, WORK Wheels has created a new product to their Emotion series which is the Emotion T5R. The wheel features a five-spoke design which was influenced by earlier models while using WORK’s Flow-Forming Technology; the Emotion T5R is also developed for rigidity, durability, and a lighter weight. Additionally, the wheel also features a very deep taper. When creating the T5R, the flow and gravity forming technology is utilized which is why the Emotion T5R is said to be the lightest wheel in the series. Although the lightest wheel, the Emotion T5R features a longer, thinner spoke and highly aggressive taper which a highly evolutionary design.

Work Flow Forming Technology

The Work EmotionT5R makes use of the WFT or WORK Flow-Forming Technology which is very beneficial since it can decrease a wheel’s barrel thickness; it lessens the weight of the product without having to compromise the rim barrel’s strength. Because of the WFT, the WORK Emotion T5R is a very good option for motorsport racing or for those who drive in areas with more leveled roads. The WORK flow-forming wheels begin with low-pressure cast development while competitors utilize lower gravity casting. Low-pressure cast development has a more compressed material property compared to gravity cast wheels which allows more strength advantage over the gravity cast with flow-firming barrels.

WORK Emotion T5R Sizes and Colors

WORK Emotion T5R comes in three different sizes and these include 17, 18, and 19 inches; as for the colors, these come in Glow Silver, Ice White, and Matte Graphite.

Optional Accessories

To further personalize the WORK EMOTION T5R wheels, WORK provides optional accessories for this specific model. Customers can choose from alternative center caps which come in black, red, silver, and blue; additionally, its center also features a flat or high type. Yet because of the vehicle hub design, there are instances when these center caps cannot be utilized. Another optional item is the air valve which comes in two colors: blue and red.


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