You want beauty and performance when looking for a wheel? WORK EMOTION T7R is the answer to your search. With looks to die for, EMOTION T7R is as its moniker insinuates – an emotional dive into the waters of awesomeness. It has a rare warmth that keeps its style up alive and brimming.


Work Wheels history

Before you dive deep into the grandeur of the wheel, it is crucial that you know where the exhilarating structure has been helmed. WORK EMOTION T7R’s pizzazz comes straight from the forging warehouse of Work Wheels Company. The industry saw the light for the first time in the year 1977. It has been releasing thrilling product lineups ever since. Products of Work Wheels are forged by some of the world’s best engineers. These wheels are written in true diligent Japanese flair. They flaunt their panache and showcase their stunning design with a rare confidence.

If you wish to join yourself to the Work Wheels family now is the time. You could do so by investing in the ever so popular WORK EMOTION T7R. It has everything you are looking for in a wheel, from beauty to high quality to thrilling performance.

The thrilling features of WORK EMOTION T7R

You will be fascinated by its looks. WORK EMOTION T7R sports a 7 spoke design that banks on plenty of concavity to look as modish as a wheel could look. These spokes protrude to meet the edge of the rim in a spectacular manner, helping it to stay distinguished from the rest of the competition. Towards the point where it meets the rim, spokes are actually a bit flared. Its chic style can be perceived right there as well.

Gaps are in abundance which silently reassures that your braking calipers get maximum clearance. Also, with such phenomenal gaps betwixt the spokes, the heat dissipation that you reap in helps you to keep braking functionalities up and running at all times. Braking gets assisted profusely, and you squeeze out a great braking experience out of your car.

The way spokes of the WORK EMOTION T7R converge in to meet the center is simply amazing to look at. From the sides it will emanate a rare design that helps the wheel to ace the contemporary.

Gawking at the wheel from a distance, you will realize that it packs in a 3D look and feel. When the wheels get in motion, that’s when the true beauty of the wheel unfolds. WORK EMOTION T7R wheel slips into a gorgeous stellar mode where you can’t help but marvel at its splendor. Its grooves are downright perfect for the rotors to get accommodated easily. It supplements every motion nicely without causing any kind of impedance.

On Track Performance

The best thing is that the wheel listens to every steering command. Also, WORK EMOTION T7R gives you a great cornering experience, something which happens to be really crucial in a racing event. It is the place where instant turns are inevitable and that’s where the mettle of the wheel gets tested. WORK EMOTION T7R doesn’t fail to score even on taut nail-biting tracks.

It speaks of immense strength something that one should always look for in a wheel. In case of collisions or unfortunate mishaps, the wheel doesn’t get damaged at all. It has a powerful structure that stops the onslaught of external agents too. Substances like rocks and stones get pulverized by its impactful strength. But rarely anything happens to the wheel. There are no blemishes that are going to spoil the look of the wheel either. Its anti-slip coating makes sure of that fact.

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